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Boxing great weighs in on ‘Supercharged’

Hekkie B (2)
SA boxing legends Hekkie Budler and Brian Mitchell, who might be Budler’s No 1 fan.

South Africa’s greatest boxer reckons Hekkie Budler has reached the stage of his career where he is unbeatable.

Former champion Brian Mitchell believes that Budler has moved into the realm of a Gennady Golovkin or Floyd Mayweather jr, where no-one has a game accomplished enough to beat him.

And it is why Mitchell is anticipating a top-class performance when Budler headlines “Supercharged” at Emperors Palace next weekend.

“I’m a big fan of Hekkie, and not because of my Golden Gloves connection,” said Mitchell, publicist for the promotions company.

“I’ve been to all his fights and learned to really appreciate him. He’s always got a Plan B or C. When he gets knocked down, which is seldom, he gets back up. He finds another mode. If he’s behind on points, he knows how to up his game, like Mayweather did against Oscar De La Hoya. He finds a way.

“Hekkie can switch gears. Technically he’s awesome. [Trainer] Colin Nathan has done a great job with his defence and turned it around. I just don’t see him being beaten. I think he beats Byron Rojas in style next Saturday.”

Mitchell also weighed in on Paul Kamanga, whom he manages. The SA-based fighter meets dangerous Russian Roman Belaev on the undercard.

“Paul is a very talented guy. He’s been wobbled a few times, but always finds a way to win. That’s what makes a champion. He’s 18-0 and getting there. He’s very sound, a hard worker who is dedicated and determined. He and Hekkie are the two best fighters in South Africa.”

Mitchell has seen Belaev fight a number of times, but gives the local boxer the edge on account of his youth and fitness and says he will come through.

Grant Fourie versus Warren Joubert, the first time around.

The former champion is also looking forward to the rematch between SA junior-welterweight champion Grant Fourie and Warren Joubert.

“The first one was a wonderful fight. I was quoted as saying I thought Joubert was too big for Grant, but Grant proved me wrong.

“The kid grew up with me. I saw him box as a young kid and had high hopes. He turned pro and had a disappointing middle part to his career, but he’s since turned it around in great style. I think Grant will have too much speed and too many moves for Joubert, but it will be a very good match.”

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