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‘As I see it ‘By Brian Mitchell

‘As I see it ‘By Brian Mitchell
Golden Gloves
‘Palace Knights’ – Emperors Palace – 2nd September 2023
South African Jnr. Middleweight Title 12 Rounds.
Brandon Thysse 15-3-1(Challenger) vs Shervantaigh Koopman 11-0-0 (Champion)
‘Fantastic… fantastic local fight derby one the best local derbies on paper in the country, in my opinion you can’t pick a better fight in South African boxing rankings.
Brandon Thysse is going to come out and try to rough his man up, and he needs to do that, use all his experience to try bully Shervantaigh Koopman. Thysse will use his experience, strength and power to rough Koopman up.
Where on the other hand Koopman needs to get to the center of the ring and use those great boxing skills he is credited with. He must control the center of the ring to outbox his man.
Obviously, whoever applies his task better, whether its Koopman with his boxing skills or Thysse with his experience and his power.
Again, this is a fantastic local derby; whoever comes to the party and brings his best fight to the tournament will win it’.
‘As I see it’ – Shervantaigh Koopman, the winner on points in a tight fight.

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