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Slip-up boosts Knapp’s rematch bid

The line to promoter Rodney Berman has buzzed ever since Saturday night with irate boxing fans asking what he would be doing about Roarke Knapp.

At issue was the split-second right hand by Jorge Garcia Perez that momentarily dumped Knapp and preceded the violent finish of the fight for the vacant IBO junior-middleweight championship. Referee Deon Dwarte ruled the punch a slip, but replays emphatically showed otherwise.

If the South African official had ruled correctly, Knapp should have been given a standing eight-count and Garcia sent to the neutral corner. This would have bought Knapp valuable time, helping clear his head before Perez’s inevitable onslaught.

Instead, his gloves were wiped down and he went straight back to action, albeit briefly before the Mexican’s left hooks found their mark.

No sooner had Knapp recovered from the knockout, Berman was on the line to the International Boxing Organization, informing president Ed Levine that Golden Gloves would invoke the automatic rematch clause.

Knapp is desperate to atone for the defeat and Berman intends doing a deal to bring Perez back to Emperors Palace for a November 30 rematch.

“We were all terribly disappointed with the finish,” said Berman, “but one look at the video and it was plain to see that Roarke deserved the chance to find his footing. Deon is a fine official, but he missed the shot, and it was telling.”


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