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Ryno doing his best Rocky impersonation

Ryno Liebenberg.

Like the Rocky of the super-middleweights, Ryno Liebenberg won’t give up and simply keeps coming back for more.

In June, he’ll get his second crack at Vincent Feigenbutz after the IBF mandated the rematch following the row that broke out over the conclusion of their first, which took place in February.

“We’ve got a deal,” said promoter Rodney Berman. “It will again take place in Germany.”

It’s a real shot in the arm for Liebenberg, who has been damned with bad luck in recent years, copping several poor decisions that threatened to torpedo his career.

Ryno Liebenberg, SA’s real-life Rocky.

His face invariably a mask of blood, Liebenberg has fought a couple of contenders with little luck. Crucially, all but the Feigenbutz defeat came at light-heavyweight, which in hindsight appears to have been the wrong division to campaign in. Liebenberg spent eight years in the higher division, but has looked especially strong and fast at super-middleweight. Berman, for one, has wondered what might have been had the South African pursued a career at super-middleweight.

“He never walks around over-heavy, but managed to hang tough with many of the top light-heavyweights. He practically walks through the punches of super-middleweights because he’s so conditioned to receiving punches from bigger guys.”

Remarkably, Liebenberg now has a great opportunity to ambush the rankings due to the German’s high rating in the WBA (number two) and IBF (number four).

“The point is there’s no writing off Ryno,” said Berman. “There’s no quit in him and now he’s being rewarded with a shortcut to the top. Knowing him, he won’t need a second invitation.”


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