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Ness doing the hard yards for championship fight

Shaun Ness bangs away on the heavy bag with trainer Colin Nathan recording the action for posterity.

Shaun Ness has never been someone to shirk hard work, so it came as no surprise to discover that he’s taken to training after hours ahead of his title defence against Ayanda Mthembu in 12 days’ time.

The SA welterweight champion tops the “Prospects at the Palace III” card and is determined to put on a show.

Ness’ camp has been more amused than amazed by talk of a Thulani Mbenge fight down the line. Not only does the prospect of such a bout hold little interest to them, but Ness and trainer Colin Nathan are completely focused on the job at hand.

“We’re not interested . . . talk to us after the 24th,” said Nathan, clearly unimpressed with the talk in the air.

For now, his attention is on getting Ness in perfect shape. He’s happy so far, pronouncing himself satisfied with the fighter’s camp.

“He’s a hard worker, what can I say? We haven’t seen tapes of Mthembu, but we’ve done our homework. He’s a rough, tough, swinging guy who can punch. But we also know he’s vulnerable. Shaun can exploit that; he’s a decent puncher.”



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