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Lerena – A Feared Cruiserweight.


Well, its all but official that Oleksander Usyk is moving up to heavyweight.

What exciting times for South African Sensation Kevin Lerena.  No amateur experience and 22 fights under his belt and already one of the most feared Cruiserweights on the planet!

After his magnificent demolition of Artur Mann its no surprise that one after another  of the Cruiserweights are declining to trade fists with “2-Guns Lerena” using the old aged ploy of outpricing themselves.

The future unifying World champion will head another Extravaganza on 8 June live on Your Channel of Champions” at the Palace of Dreams.”


“Razor” is certainly living up to his hype and at 20 years of age already shows signs of reaching great heights globally.  Such is his charisma, ability and raw power, it is only fitting that he is given the rare opportunity of fighting for the World Youth Title.

“More Power at the palace” will also feature our other sensation Marios Matamba in defence of his IBF Africa Title, and a long overdue opportunity for a fighter who is going from strength to strength and fighting for the IBO African Title -namely Michael Mokoena.

“Powerhouse at the Palace” plus 4 explosive Punchers!

Watch this space.

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