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Experts favour Lerena for Super 4 title . . . just


The big guns have spoken, and it’s Kevin Lerena who marginally finds favour in a random straw poll among some of SA boxing’s most astute analysts predicting the outcome of his bout against Micki Nielsen:

_jbg2826Brian Mitchell
(Former world champion; Hall of Famer)
“Lerena wins. He’s got better hand speed and boxing ability. Nielsen is heavy-handed and has speed too, but he’s flat-footed. I predict Kevin will take his power and outbox him in a tough fight, a war.”

ctCarol Tshabalala
(The first lady of SA boxing)
“I’m patriotic, so I’m backing Kevin. But Nielsen looks unstoppable. He’s been here a while and is used to the conditions. He loves South Africa, he’s so comfortable and relaxed. I expect he’ll have way too much for Kevin, who will be in his toughest fight.”

captureHarold Volbrecht
(Former SA welterweight champion; top trainer)
“If Kevin stands toe to toe, he can’t win. But if he uses footwork and speed, he can beat Nielsen. Nielsen is a plodder who throws bombs; he wears you down. It all depends on footwork and speed. The message to Kevin is easy: if you can’t beat him with power, use speed. If you can’t beat him with speed, use footwork. It’s a 50-50 fight. Kevin needs to be clever.”

img_0519Ron Jackson
(Historian and writer)
“Nielsen wins because of his experience. I give him the edge in a hard 12-rounder. He’s the better boxer. I hope I’m wrong . . . I like Kevin, but Nielsen will have too much.”



Bongani Magasela
(National boxing writer)
“Kevin wins on points. He realises this is make or break. If he loses, it may taint him with Golden Gloves and limit his opportunities. I think he’ll also benefit from home advantage. You can’t under-estimate that.”

ruben_dsc0086Ruben Rasodi
(Veteran matchmaker)
“It’s a difficult choice, but I go with Kevin. He’s got a punch, the other guy not so much. Lerena’s also a good mover. Nielsen is flat-footed.”


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