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Boiling Berman, angry about Ryno row, takes a shot at IBF

Ryno Liebenberg, left, never backward coming forward.

Hello, anyone home?

Rodney Berman has been asking the question of the IBF for weeks now, but the line has gone strangely silent.

This follows the controversial outcome of the Ryno Liebenberg-Vincent Feigenbutz fight last month, which ended in farcical circumstances. After double-barrelled petitions from both Berman and Colin Nathan, Liebenberg’s trainer, the IBF made all the right noises about re-examining the outcome.

And . . . nothing.

“I’m very disappointed,” said Berman, who had been in touch with IBF president Daryl Peoples.

While the controversy looked clear cut enough, with a rematch the most obvious, compelling response, the IBF have instead opted for silence.

It’s a silence that has been deafening, not least for Nathan. “Ryno fought his heart out. I don’t mind my guys being beaten fair and square, but this wasn’t on the level. I haven’t heard a thing.”

Undeterred, Berman says if a rematch doesn’t materialise – the German is unlikely to want a second helping of Liebenberg – he’ll try and get the South African a meaningful fight at Emperors Palace on June 23.

“After his last performance, we need to get him a credible top 15-type opponent.”


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