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Shock finding as DeeJay’s opponent tests dirty

DeeJay Kriel on his way to victory over Dexter Alimento, who failed a doping test. Pic: N-SQUARED

DeeJay Kriel’s championship-winning fight against Dexter Alimento wasn’t, it seems, quite on the level.

The SA Institute of Drug-Free Sport confirmed with Boxing South Africa this week that Alimento, of the Philippines, tested positive for a banned substance. On July 23 he was tested and subsequently traces of furosemide were discovered. Furosemide is a diuretic, typically used to aid with weight loss, but also a common masking agent for other substances.

Notwithstanding the violation, Kriel won a popular 12-round decision to claim the International crown.

Promoter Rodney Berman was alarmed at the findings and said that he would leave it in the hands of the WBC, which has a “Clean Boxing Programme” and is affiliated to the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association. Golden Gloves is obligated to report the finding to the WBC.

Possible WBC sanctions include suspension or removal from the rankings, which depends on the WBC establishing categories of violation, based upon the type, magnitude, effect, and culpability.

“I guess what this demonstrates is just how good DeeJay was,” said Berman. “No matter Alimento’s reasons, he had an unfair advantage, but fortunately not even that made a difference to the result.”

Berman said that a major title fight involving Kriel would be announced early next week.

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