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Cruiserweight tournament back on track for 2020!

Supersport viewers will finally be in for a feast of live action when boxing returns, courtesy of Golden Gloves!

Initially it looked like the cruiserweight tournament entitled “Who will Prevail?” would remain on the backburner until 2021 because of severe Covid19 preconditions, but a glimmer of hope has appeared.

“These guys need the fights and are waiting in the wings. It is such a terrific little tournament that we decided to find a way to incorporate it on the show,” says promoter, Rodney Berman.

That means that one semi-final will take place on the 10th of October on the card headlined by the 4@War final between Boyd Allen and Brandon Thysse, while the other semi-final will go ahead on the December card headlined by the Rowan Campbell-Ryno Liebenberg bout.

The semi-final between Akani Phuzi and Chris Thompson is tentatively scheduled for the October card, with the other semi-final between Keaton Gomes and Lebo Mashitoa slotted for December, although the order can still change depending on training requirements of the various camps.

Finally, the sun is starting to peek out behind the dark clouds of the pandemic!

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