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Additional technical official to be used as boxing makes its return

A video referee will rule on any key moments that the third man in the ring may make during a fight when live boxing returns to the country on Saturday night.

Nothing infuriates a knowledgeable boxing fan more than inconsistent judging, poor refereeing or a highly contentious decision.

The old “hometown decision” or “we were robbed” cry has forever characterised the sport and many a fighter’s career has been stunted, or worse still, ruined, by what was seen to be biased officialdom both in and out of the ring.

In an innovative move, pay station SuperSport will make use of a video referee to rule on any key moments that the third man in the ring may make when live boxing returns to the country on Saturday evening for the first time in seven months following the coronavirus shutdown.

The new feature, according to SuperSport, is designed to not only help officials, but also enhance the viewing experience.

And the network could not have chosen a better man for the initial task than they have – international judge, referee and Hall of Fame official Stan Christodoulou.

Christodoulou, 74, has refereed fights in all of the 17 weight categories and is also part of an elite group of officials who have overseen more than 100 world title bouts.

The veteran official, who is also the World Boxing Association (WBA) representative in Africa, will be equipped with a ringside TV monitor and a communication link to SuperSport’s outside broadcast unit.

The five-fight Golden Gloves ‘Back 4 Battle’ tournament is being held in a strictly controlled bio-bubble environment this weekend, in line with government protocols, and no spectators are allowed into the venue.

Topping the bill is the long-awaited ‘Four at War’ junior middleweight final between Brandon Thysse and former MMA star Boyd Allen, which was initially scheduled for March, but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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