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Extract Of IBO Finding On Kevin Lerena


Further testimony from Mr. Lerena clearly showed that he clearly cooperative with VADA by advising them that he had returned from holiday and was available at any time for testing. All the evidence was also provided to the IBO medical advisor for his review and opinion. Based upon all the evidence, the IBO Championships Committee concluded that the ingestion of this prohibited substance was clearly accidental and nothing more than a mistaken taking of a tablet prescribed for his wife. The Committee concluded that it would be far-fetched to believe that Mr. Lerena somehow colluded with his wife to be treated by her physician and somehow have the physician prescribe a medication intended for use by Mr. Lerena instead of his wife. The Committee also noted that the ingestion of this medication would have been clearly counterproductive to the instructions by his doctor for his rehabilitation and recovery process. Therefore, based upon a thorough examination of the substantial exculpatory evidence, it was concluded that his ingestion of this prohibited substance was clearly accidental and therefore the Champion shall retain his IBO World title.


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