Golden Gloves Boxers


A major step was taken in the past week when the middleweight (9-2) signed with Golden Gloves.
“He has a lot of talent,” said Rodney Berman. “He can fight, and he’s charismatic. He has the makings of a star.”
Said Van Heerden from his home in Meyerton: “It’s the biggest promotion in South Africa and makes a lot of sense. It’s what any local boxer wants. I can talk, I can fight, I’ll do my best to pull a crowd.”
The southpaw has much going for himself. Chiefly, he can fight, having done so from an early age when his dad encouraged his sons to fight each other. Whoever won would win R500.
Given that former boxing champion Chris and ex-MMA fighter Danie were in the family, it’s fair to say Don-Juan took his share of licks. But he got many shots in too, unwittingly developing many of the basic skills that would help him develop as a boxer.

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