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Update: Latest on Azinga and MMA star Boyd

Azinga Fuzile, right, set to go marching on. Pic: Nick Lourens

While the lines of communication in SA boxing have always tended to be clear as mud, it appears that SA featherweight champion Azinga Fuzile has passed medical tests after concerns were raised about an undisclosed problem.

Official word has yet to be given, but the buzz on the grapevine is that he is good to fight. Indeed, he is listed to do so on April 8.

Responding to the talk, promoter Rodney Berman, who put together the Super Four tournament (featuring Fuzile), said that the event would be fired up if Fuzile (9-0) is given the all-clear.

“I got a call last week, and I’m delighted,” he said. “The priority is Azinga’s health. He’s a terrific talent, so I’m thrilled he’ll be able to box on.”

Notwithstanding any official clearance, Berman speculated that the Super Four final featuring Fuzile against Lerato Dlamini could now take place on September 1. Unfortunately, the loose ends on the Golden Gloves’ June tournament at Emperors Palace have just about been tied up, making September the soonest the final could take place.

Also, Dlamini is due to fight Sydney Maluleka on April 8, which could have a bearing on the final. If Dlamini loses next month, he will forfeit his spot in the decider to Maluleka.

This, of course, also depends on Fuzile’s management deciding that they still want to pursue Super Four honours.

“I hope to have clarity this week,” said Berman. “He’s a major talent and I look forward to working again with him.”

ALSO . . . 

Asked about the status of MMA fighter Boyd Allen, Berman said that the popular Allen was undecided about moving to boxing.

Also, he has a major MMA outing this weekend – he fights Magomed Yunisulau in a featherweight bout at Fight Night Global in Moscow.

“When he’s ready, my door will be open,” said Berman.

Boyd Allen – still tied to MMA.





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