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Berman nixes Tommy Gun for good

Tommy Oosthuizen in better, happier days.

The lukewarm response to Tommy Oosthuizen fighting Thabiso Mchunu and, more importantly, Rodney Berman’s discomfort over working with the bad boy of SA boxing have scuppered the fight taking place, at least under the Golden Gloves banner.

Berman let the idea percolate for a brief moment, but he says he would be mad to even attempt to put it together, notwithstanding Oosthuizen’s plea on social media.

The promoter has walked a rocky path with the wayward fighter whose indiscretions could fill a book. Among his misdeeds are losing his IBO title on the scale due to a lack of dedication in training, pulling out of a high-profile fight in Monte Carlo and withdrawing from a bout against WBA regular champion Juergen Braehmer, lamely claiming he “only fights world champions”.

Berman has historically indulged his fighters on account of their backgrounds and deep understanding of the sport, but Oosthuizen went off the deep end once too often.

“Tommy Oosthuizen will never feature on a Golden Gloves bill again,” concluded Berman, closing the chapter on that book once and for all.

It’s a stunning fall from grace for the 27-1-2 southpaw whose talent has been squandered by a multitude of infractions and poor decisions. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess.




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