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Monday 30, April 1979 New Kingsmead Soccer Stadium, Durban

Promoter Golden Gloves Promotions
Middle: Elijah Makhathini   W KO 8/10 Charlie Weir
Heavy: Mike Schutte          W KO 2/10 Walter Ringo Starr
Light heavy: Theunis Kok   W PTS 6/6 Bruce McIntyre
Heavy:         Jimmy Abbott  W KO  4/6  Robbie Williams
Middle:  Piet Basie Gouws  W PTS 4/4 Dennis Lucky Masondo
Super feather: Aubrey Lovett L PTS 4/4 Koos Mphufi
Welter: Bennie Nortman        W KO 2/?  Nicholas Gumede

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