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Golden Gloves’ Plan B

Plan B
Rodney Berman and Mark Mathones.

Golden Gloves has landed a nippy new sponsor.

Slide1image.png.opt376x250o0,0s376x250Impressed by the level of interest in local boxing, Plan B Roadside Assistance has come on board until the end of 2016 with an option to renew.Plan-B-Logo

They will have naming rights and will also be sponsoring the weekly boxing show on SuperSport, “A Round and a Bout”.

“The interest in the talent at our disposal is phenomenal,” said Rodney Berman, who did the deal with Plan B’s Mark Mathones.

The founder and CEO had never been to boxing until the recent tournament at Emperors Palace. He liked what he saw. “I’m looking for brand exposure and boxing offers that,” he said. “I’m very excited by this partnership.”

Their first venture will be on June 11 – the “Plan B Night of Reckoning” at Emperors Palace.

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