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Elvis is in the building

Elvis Adonisi in his heyday.

In a move specifically designed to empower a promising black individual, Golden Gloves has brought former pro boxer Elvis Adonisi aboard.

Having long had designs on grooming a young South African, Rodney Berman has agreed terms with Adonisi with an intention to team him the ropes as a promoter. Initial duties will include scouting for talent and sourcing sponsorship.

Berman said that while Golden Gloves was inundated with requests from wannabe promoters, Adonisi’s undoubted potential and knowledge had been critical in giving him the nod.

Elvis Adonisi and Rodney Berman – from boxing to business.

“He fought for me many years ago,” said Berman. “He has an intimate knowledge of boxing and is a fine young man who works hard. We stayed in contact over the years, so I’m delighted to welcome him.”

Berman explained that Adonisi would be exposed to various aspects of the business as he has a “very bright future” in the business.

“He’s starting at the bottom, but he wants to learn. I’m thrilled that he’s part of our hard-working team.”

Adonisi was a hard-working pro in the 1990s whose biggest win came in the UK in 1999 when he shocked local favourite Darren Dorrington. He also fought the like of Ruben Groenewald, Anthony van Niekerk and William Gare.


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