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‘Two Guns’ and ‘El Toro’ get their muscle on

Kevin Lerena and Youri Kalenga square off ahead of their September 9 showdown at Emperors Palace. Pics: N-SQUARED

Kevin Lerena and Youri Kalenga came face to face for the first time at Emperors Palace on Tuesday evening and there was a fair bit of smack talk as the pair put on a show for an appreciative crowd.

Both had light public workouts in the casino, giving glimpses of their speed and power. Needless to say, they looked in excellent shape, both flexing and posing to good effect.

Lerena assured Kalenga that muscles wouldn’t win him the fight, Kalenga responding that he saw little to trouble him.

“Kalenga has been there and done it; he’s had his time,” said Lerena. “I’m more than confident.”

Kalenga, who was said to have been involved in a mini-war sparring Tommy Oosthuizen on Monday, said: “He must bring whatever he’s got . . . even then it won’t be enough.”

Trainer Peter Smith works the hand pads with his eager pupil.
Youri Kalenga works out with former European champion Romain Jacob.
A case of beauty and the beasts with boxers Kevin Lerena and Youri Kalenga joined by RDG sponsor representative Ruan Potts, centre.


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