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Shoulder op torpedoes ‘Two Guns’ Lerena

Kevin Lerena is expected back in the ring only in February after major injury on his right shoulder last week.

What was expected to be a routine operation following an arthroscopy worsened when a body camera revealed tears in Lerena’s labrum and rotator cuff, requiring major surgery.

“I was fighting pain for a long time,” said Lerena on Friday.

His recovery will require six weeks in a sling, followed by a further six weeks of physiotherapy. He says that at a push he could probably fight by the end of December, but a more likely scenario is February.

Promoter Rodney Berman was rocked by the news and only realised the seriousness after talking to Lerena’s surgeon.

“None of us was fully aware of the pain he has been fighting under,” said Berman. “It puts his excellent recent performances into perspective. How would he have done if 100 percent fit? He can recover now and we can look forward to an excellent new year when hopefully he won’t be restricted at all.”

Lerena packed in three tough title fights in the past nine months, so is probably due a rest anyway. Given how he loves to train and box, he ought to be busting at the leash come February; not altogether a bad thing for a fighter on the up.


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