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Lady judge gets the call

Berit Andreasen of Denmark will be one of the three ringside judges for Johnny Muller v Micki Nielsen.

Experienced Berit Andreasen of Denmark will be one of the judges for Micki Nielsen’s Super Four opener against Johnny Muller on June 11.

The other two will be from South Africa and a neutral country, ensuring a fairer outcome in the event of the fight going to points.

Muller was embroiled in a major controversy last year when he was awarded a hometown decision against Mateusz Masternak. All three judges were from SA.

It was a pre-condition of Nielsen’s promoters, the Sauerlands, who insisted on a judge from Denmark being ringside for the spicy clash.

Andreasen has officiated almost 500 bouts, including two IBC championship fights, and a number of other high profile match-ups in Scandinavia.


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