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Koelling promises Liebenberg a big surprise

Enrico Koelling strengthens his neck muscles with a pair of 11kg kettle bells.

The problem with prodding the bull is that at some point he’ll come after you.

Ryan Liebenberg may have done so with Enrico Koelling, who is tiring of the South African goading him ahead of their October 1 fight in Germany.

“I think [his provocation] works to my advantage. He should continue believing that I cannot even punch through a wet paper bag. The surprise Liebenberg will experience on fight night will be out of this world.”

Koelling, who last beat Oleksandr Cherviak in April, has since been on a non-stop training regime lasting five months.

“In consultation with my trainer and promoter, I purposely agreed to such a long preparation. Even before Liebenberg agreed to fight me, I knew that this was going to be my biggest test so far.”

His focus has been primarily on stamina and physical strength. “Those two assets will play a deciding factor in my fight against Liebenberg.”

Enrico Koelling hard at work ahead of his showdown with Ryno Liebenberg in October.

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