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Blood, sweat and tears pay off for rematch battle

When it comes to Ryno Liebenberg, Rodney Berman has done a pretty good impression of Sisyphus, the mythological king of Corinth who was punished by having repeatedly to roll a huge stone up a hill only to have it roll down again as soon as he had reached the summit.

Now, at last, the determined promoter might have scaled the hill.

Berman had banged away at the IBF to secure a rematch for Ryno Liebenberg after the controversy of his last fight against Vincent Feigenbutz, which was prematurely stopped in the Intercontinental champion’s favour due to a cut. The result caused an outcry and both Berman and Colin Nathan, Liebenberg’s trainer, petitioned the IBF to do the right thing and order a rematch.

Separately, Berman approached the Sauerlands, who promoted the fight in Germany, about the possibility of a rematch. It’s an idea they have yet to dismiss.

Ryno Liebenberg.

The IBF’s belated response was very positive, president Daryl Peoples saying this week that the delay had been caused by awaiting word on Feigenbutz’s intentions, especially as he had mentioned vacating the belt.

Peoples has assured that Liebenberg will be put into the mandatory position for the Intercontinental super-middleweight title, a move the Sauerlands are not unhappy with.

The IBF has assured Golden Gloves it will retain Liebenberg’s position in the event of him taking any other fights, provided he doesn’t lose.

“I must credit both parties, the IBF and the Sauerlands, for being so accommodating and doing the right thing,” said Berman. “It’s taken two months, but I’m happy that we can start negotiating. Hopefully a second fight can resolve the uncertainty of the first. Ryno put Feigenbutz on warning the first time – he won’t let him off the hook the next.”



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