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Berman strikes with a swift counter-punch

A lifetime in boxing has taught Rodney Berman to ride with the punches, but he’s got a beef with local radio man Trevor Cramer who has found fit to disparage Vikapita Meroro, Kevin Lerena’s next opponent.

Dissing him for being “ring rusty” and not having fought for 16 months, he then goes on to describe him as “cannon fodder”.

“Usually I take it from whence it comes, but in this case I have to educate someone who should know better, albeit from a so-called expert,” said Berman. “Lerena is a wonderful prospect who has done exceptionally for a fighter with a mere handful of amateur bouts. I know a little bit about building a career. He’s still a youngster and has much to learn. He is being brought along at the right pace.”

By illustration, he pointed to the pair of heavyweight greats Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, who were fed a diet of journeyman in their first 15-20 fights.

Mike Tyson’s early record.
Muhammad Ali’s early record.

No-one complained, least of all the sage US boxing experts who knew exactly what the plan was for the future champions. History suggests their promoters knew exactly what they were doing.

“Many pros would give anything for a 28-5 record, like Meroro. That’s almost exactly twice as many pro fights as Kevin has had,” Berman added.



“He will be one of the most experienced boxers Kevin would have faced, having gone the distance with world champion Juergen Braehmer and given a good account of himself against crafty Isaac Chilemba. The fact of the matter is that Meroro could beat Lerena if Lerena isn’t switched on or has a poor camp.”

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