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“Razor Sharp” – 23 August 2019

How appropriate that in Women’s Month, three ladies have played such prominent roles in “Razor Sharp” and yet, although appropriate is also co-incidental as all three assume their roles purely on merit:


  1. Carol Tshabalala – not only our Golden Gloves First Lady of Boxing, but our regular ring announcer, and what class she brings to the ring!  A breath of fresh air!
  2. Although lesser known to the public at large, Sylvia Mokaila is one of Boxing’s leading officials with tons of experience, having attended many of the World body’s conventions.  She has the deserved distinction of being the first ever South African female to supervise an international bout when she takes charge of the IBO Youth Junior Middleweight Title.  Again, this honour has been given to her purely because of her ability.
  3. And last, but not least, is the very accomplished Phumeze Zinakile who will be in charge of the action when the bell rings.  Phumeze has built a reputation as being one of South Africa’s leading referees, very capable and rates amongst the best.


Hats off to Boxing South Africa and the International Boxing Organisation for recognizing these long-deserving female officials!

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