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MMA star does deal with Berman

Wrecking ball: Boyd Allen.

The deal has been done!

Popular MMA fighter Boyd Allen will turn pro with Golden Gloves in September.

The former EFC champion met with promoter Rodney Berman on Tuesday morning and will officially become a Golden Gloves boxer provided he secures a release from EFC.

“I’ve been looking to turn pro for a while,” he said. “I’m opening a gym in Bryanston soon and I want to get into boxing.”

It’s not as big a leap as it might have been – the 28-year-old’s fighting instincts were honed as an amateur boxer and his stand-up game in mixed martial arts has always been first-class.

“He’s clean-cut and loves to fight, but what I love is that he’s popular,” said Berman. “We’re always on the lookout for new talent and he fits the bill.”

Indeed, a recent poll on this site asked fans which South African MMA fighter fans would most like to see in the boxing ring, and Allen was the overwhelming number one choice.

Allen expects to turn pro as a welterweight and take it from there. He admits his competitive juices in MMA haven’t been sated, but with opportunities few and far between, he wants to try his hand at boxing.

“I need to get back in,” he said on Tuesday. “I have a strong amateur background and I’ve sparred with pros. MMA and boxing are two vastly different sports; I love MMA but I love boxing too.”

Allen took out a pro boxing license after qualifying and must undergo a brain scan to make it official.

Charismatic and fast-handed, Boyd’s entry into boxing would likely be well-received. He was always popular in the octagon with a fan-friendly style that he’ll hopefully bring into the boxing ring.

Said Berman: “Now he must get into the gym and prepare. There will be big expectations when he fights, so he must produce the goods.”

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