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MMA star Allen under pressure to match the hype

Asked him impressions of pro debutante Boyd Allen, ABU super-middleweight champion Ryno Liebenberg offered his usual pithy response.

“That boy is warm!” said the boxer of the former MMA fighter who makes his pro boxing debut at Emperors Palace next month.

“His instincts are so good. He’s one of the slickest boxers I’ve sparred with.”

High praise indeed from Liebenberg, who always tells it straight.

By all accounts, Allen has made a good impression among the fight stable he works with at Colin Nathan’s HotBox gym. He is dedicated and hard-working, clearly aware of the need to make a big statement when he fights Lybon Ntshani (1-0) in a junior-middleweight four-rounder on October 21.

Lybon Ntshani, who fights Boyd Allen next month.

The card is stacking up nicely with fights featuring Keaton Gomes, Michael Markram, Lucky Monyebane and others.

Having known Allen for several years and worked with him for the past 18 months, Nathan has a good handle on Allen’s potential.

“He’s very athletic, very versatile and adapts beautifully,” says the trainer of the year. “His boxing IQ is very good. I’ve watched him a long time, so nothing really surprises me. The thing is, in sparring, if he’s caught with a shot, he’s rarely caught with it twice. He’s very tasty.”

Promoter Rodney Berman is aware of the hype, chiefly because of Allen’s MMA experience, but he says he wants to see whether he can replicate his form in the boxing ring.

“The real test will come at Emperors where he’s fighting a guy who can punch. It will be a bonus if he has that undefinable star quality, but I’m excited by what I’ve heard. I really hope he grabs this moment.”




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