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Berman not going quietly as Ryno row rumbles on

A despairing Ryno Liebenberg after running foul of referee Massimiliano Blanco’s curious rule interpretation. Pic: Sauerland Promotions

As a boxing promoter, Rodney Berman is used to copping it on the chin and moving on. It’s the nature of the business.

But when there is an injustice, as occurred in Germany last weekend when Ryno Liebenberg was badly short-changed against Vincent Feigenbutz, he’s rather less forgiving.

Therefore, he has petitioned the IBF, WBC and IBO to give Liebenberg a fair chance after the referee bungled the stoppage in the German’s favour.

In the first instance, Berman wants the IBF to invoke rule five of its constitution and order a rematch. “We’ll do so anywhere, even in Germany, provided there are neutral officials,” said Berman, who is more convinced than ever that Liebenberg has a good future at super-middleweight, even at the age of 33.

Additionally, he sent the clippings and reports of the fight to Daryl Peoples, the president of the IBF, who at least had the good grace to say that Liebenberg would be given a fair shake.

Berman also shared the reports with the WBC, pleading for Liebenberg to be recognised in their rankings after giving Feigenbutz all he could handle, and more, in their controversial fight.

Not stopping there, Berman has also written to IBO boss Ed Levine pleading for Liebenberg to be eligible for the vacant belt.

“Liebenberg at this weight can stand up to anyone,” Berman assured Levine.


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