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Berman backs BSA’s acting boss

After several months on life support, South African boxing appears to be mounting a revival under acting chief executive Mandla Ntlanganiso, recently appointed as accounting authority by sport minister Zizi Kodwa.
This is the firm view of Golden Gloves boss Rodney Berman, who met with Ntlanganiso on Wednesday.
Ntlanganiso has been in the cross hairs of the National Professional Boxing Promoters’ Association, who have threatened to challenge his appointment, but Berman was thoroughly impressed by the local boxing boss’ vision and plans for the sport.
Ntlanganiso is working hard to fire up the sport and just on Monday announced the ratings and sanctioning committees; pivotal to making major SA bouts.
He also oversaw last weekend’s tournament in the south of Johannesburg and has assisted with ensuring the Golden Gloves tournament at Emperors Palace on April 5 adheres to mandatory protocols.
Although Boxing South Africa continues to run without an executive board, Ntlanganiso’s tireless efforts at least allow boxing to take place, notwithstanding the standoff with the NPBPA.
This is critical to the long-term success of the sport, chiefly the boxers who have stood on the sidelines while the sport has withered on the vine.
“We have several shows lined up, so this development is important,” said Berman, who sees Ntlanganiso as an ally rather than an enemy. “The people who truly matter are the boxers, who need to earn a living. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the board is allowed to function.”

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